Avalanche Operation Level 1 course provides basic training for professionals working in outdoor sites such as mountain guides and ski patrols. Throughout the 7-day course, participants will learn the characteristics of avalanches, snow and avalanche terrain on mountains, how to take and record weather and snowpack data, assess and manage risk of avalanche hazards, as well as search and rescue maneuvers. There is a test at the end of the course.

プログラムの目標と目的 Program goal and object

Level 1の目標と目的は、Level 1 DACUM (pdf)を確認してください。DACUMとは、Developing A Curriculumの略称です。カナダ雇用・移民省が開発したカリキュラム開発手法で、その後、米国オハイオ州立大学職業教育研究センターで効果が実証され、広く普及しました。対象となる職務内容と職能、そして必要とする資質などを抽出して、カリキュラムを開発します。

See Level 1 DACUM (pdf) for the goals and objectives of Level 1. DACUM stands for Developing a Curriculum. The curriculum development methodology was developed by the Canadian Employment and Immigration Commission, after which the effects were demonstrated in the Ohio State University Center for Professional Education Research. It has since become widely implemented. The curriculum was developed by extracting the target job content, function and required qualities.

コースの評価 Course Evaluation

コースの評価は、筆記試験と小テスト、フィールドブックの記載、技能試験とフィールド・ディスカッションの組み合わせです。全体で 71%以上の点数が必要ですが、必ず合格点に達しなければならない必須項目の試験が3つ(雪崩捜索救助、気象観測、積雪断面観察)あります。再試験が許されるのは特定の条件のみです。これら受講生の評価基準は受講生マニュアルに詳細の記述がありますので、そちらを参照してください。また、コース全体の流れは「サンプル・コース・スケジュール(pdf)」をご覧ください。

Course evaluation is a combination of written tests and exercises, field book observations, practical examinations and field discussions. In addition to receiving an overall mark of 71% or greater, there are three mandatory elements that a student must pass (Professional Rescue Exam, Weather Observations, Snow Profile Exam). Retests are allowed in specific situations only. The criteria for evaluating course participants is listed in the student manual for reference. Use the Sample course schedule(pdf) to help anticipate daily needs.

・あなたのSNS等のプロフィール欄に「JAN レベル1資格者」と表記すること

Participants who pass with the required score will be issued a Level 1 Completion Certificate. The period of validity of this letter is three years. Level 1 Certification will be only issued to participants who register as an official JAN member. Level 1 Certification allows the following.
-List "JAN Level 1" on your social media profiles, etc.
-Be listed by name as Certified Level 1 on the JAN website (listing is optional)
-Free use of the "Keijiban (snow bulletin board)" and SPIN (snow profile data) information sharing systems on web.
-Use of other member services provided by JAN (updated training courses, etc.)

日程と受講料 Course Schedule and Fees


The following are 2019-20 course fees only, they do not include ski resort lift ticket, food, transportation, or accommodation. Please note: Students are responsible for their own transportation on the course.

  • 20歳以上であること。
  • JAN「BSC」やAvalanche Canada「AST 1」、あるいはそれと同等の講習会を受講していること。
  • JAN「ASC」あるいはAvalanche Canadaの「AST 2」の事前受講を推奨しています。
  • 座学だけのセミナーの場合、たとえ1日を掛けたものであっても、受講の前提条件を満たしません。
  • 仲間による捜索救助と、複数埋没における雪崩ビーコンの基本技量(40m×40mの範囲において、深さ70cmに埋められた雪崩ビーコン2個を5分以内に位置特定)があること。
  • スキーあるいはスプリットボードによるバックカントリーでの移動&滑走スキルが十分にあり、そのような経験を持っていること。
  • 十分な体力と良い健康状態。


  • Be at least 20 years of age.
  • Has already completed JAN “BSC”, Avalanche Canada’s “AST 1” or an equivalent course.
  • Prior completion of JAN “ASC” or Avalanche Canada’s “AST 2” is recommended.
  • Seminars consisting only of lectures, including full-day ones, do not fulfill the course prerequisites.
  • Be proficient & consistent in companion rescue and multiple burial transceiver skills (Find two transceivers buried at least 70cm deep, in under five minutes, and in a 40m x 40m area.).
  • Advanced backcountry travel skills in either skiing or splitboarding including proficiency with touring bindings, skins, and splitboards, and should have considerable backcountry travel experience commensurate with industry standards.
  • Good fitness.

*Note: Participants with insufficient strength or skiing (snowboarding) skill who interfere with the progress of the course may be asked to withdraw at the discretion of the on-site instructor. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

申込手順 Application/Registration Process


After all the application forms and necessary documents have been received by the administration office and their contents confirmed, students will be informed via email regarding methods of payment. Then, when the transfer of the course fee has been confirmed, application is complete, and the cancellation policy applies.

  • 申込フォームに必要事項を記入し、メールで申し込んでください。
  • メールアドレスは、必ず、PCからのメールが受信できるものを使用してください。また、nadare.jpからのメールが、迷惑メールに振り分けられていないか、注意してください。
  • あなたが所属する、あるいは所属予定の会社名を記載してください。
  • ASTを受講した方は受講証明書の画像(JPEG/PNG/PDF)を作成し、申込時にメールに添付すること。
  • JANあるいはAvalanche Canada以外の団体の講習受講者は、その講習を実施している団体名、講習会名、講習日数、内容の概略を記載するようにしてください。
  • 講習のマテリアルは11月に申込書に書かれた住所に送付されます。申込の時点で住所が確定していない場合、その旨を通信欄に記載してください。
  • 定員になり次第、申込は締め切ります。定員に達したコースはキャンセル待ちが可能です。申込フォームに必要事項を記載し、送付してください。
  • Fill in the required fields in the application form and send it to the email address provided below to apply. - Use an email address that accepts emails sent from computers. Ensure that emails from nadare.jp do not automatically go to the spam folder.
  • Enter the name of the company you work or are going to work for.
  • If you have completed the AST course, attach an image (JPEG/PNG/PDF) of your completion certificate to the email.
  • Participants who have completed courses other than JAN or Avalanche Canada should enter the name of the organization providing the course, name of the course, number of days and details of the course.
  • Course materials will be sent to the address provided in the application form in November. If your address in Japan has not yet been confirmed at the time of application, mention that in the comments field.
  • Applications will no longer be accepted once course capacity has been reached. There will be a waiting list for courses that have reached their capacity. Please fill in the required fields in the application form and submit.

申込書・JAN雪崩業務従事者Level 1
申込日 :
コース :
氏 名 :
住 所 :
電 話 :
使用用具: スキー ・ スプリットスノーボード
カテゴリ: ガイド ・ パトロール ・ その他(        )
受講歴 :
会社名 :
受講料の支払: クレジットカード ・ 銀行振込
通信欄 :

Application Form - JAN Avalanche Operation Level 1
Date of application:
Postal code:
Mobile phone:
Gear: Ski / Split Snowboard
Category: Guide / Ski Patrol / Others (     )
Experience of avalanche course:
Payment of course fees: Credit card or Bank transfer

受講人数は定員があり、申込は先着順です。よって、あなたが不備のある申込書を送った場合、あなたの後に完璧な申込書を送付した別の方に、受講優先権が生じる可能性があります。JANあるいはAvalanche Canada以外の講習を受講している方は、その詳細情報が特にきちんと記載されている必要があります。

There is a maximum number of participants and applications are on a first-come, first-served basis. As such, if you send an application form that is incomplete or contains errors, priority may be given to someone who has sent in a complete application form after you. If you are taking a course other than JAN or Avalanche Canada, it is important that you fill in the detailed information with particular care.

受講料の振込 Payment of course fees


Course fees may be paid by the following two methods. Please indicate your preferred method on the application form. After your application has been confirmed, you will receive the necessary information via email.
1.Credit card (VISA or MasterCard)
2.Bank transfer


If you transfer money from a credit card or overseas to a bank account in Japan, it may take a few days for the payment to be confirmed. The quickest method of payment is a transfer from within Japan.

申込成立後のキャンセル 5万円
コース開始日一週間前からのキャンセル 受講料の50%
コース開始当日でのキャンセル 受講料の100%

The cancellation fees are as follows:
Cancellation after the application is approved: ¥50,000
Cancellation less than one week before the start of the course: 50% of the course fee
Cancellation on the day the course starts: 100% of the course fee


Refunds of the cancellation fee will be made by transfer to your bank account. You will be refunded the relevant amount minus any fees incurred for the transfer. You are obliged to provide the administration office with accurate information about the bank account to which the refund will be paid, such as the bank name, branch name, telephone number, address, account type, account number, SWIFT code and account holder. If, due to incorrect information, procedures such as re-transfer are required, you will be obliged to bear any fees incurred. Conversely, if the course is canceled due to circumstances on the organizer’s part, the course fee will be refunded in full.

代替認証 Alternative Certification


The level 1 course completion certificate is an alternative certification for the “Avalanche Safety Techniques” exam taken when earning the Mountain Guide qualification certified by the Japan Mountain Guides Association.

海外のコース International Course

カナダ: http://www.avalancheassociation.ca/
ニュージーランド: http://avalanche.net.nz/

連絡先 Contact Address

Japan Avalanche Network