投稿者 Contributor
観察日付 2020/01/07
投稿日時 2020/01/07 20:33
エリア 谷川・かぐら
山岳 Tanigawa-Dake
場所 East side of upper ridge. Alpine.
同行者 Tristen Rasmussen (tristen@bcskiguides.com)
Avalanche infomation
標高 700m〜1920m
天気 X 不明(Broken in AM. Becoming obscured in afternoon)
風速:L 1-7m/s
風コメント:No snow transport with light winds
降水 降水の種類:S 雪
降水コメント:S2 at end of day
雪崩などの観察 No new avalanche observed. Loose dry with skier traffic in steep terrain to size 1.0. No cracking or whumphing.
雪崩発生有無 No
積雪構造 Strong wind effect in Alpine locations between 1900m and 1600m, snow surface is wind pressed. Test profile at 1700m on E aspect on Tanigawa-Dake ridge: 285cm HS at 1700m. 105cm HST. 1cm MFCR down 105cm. Upper 20cm is a P slab over a 4F layer. Moderate Sudden Planar test results with in HST (CTM down 20cm on density change, CTM down 75cm on density change). No results on MFCR down 105cm.
Spin no

Skied from Summit of Tanigawa-Dake (1950m) down to base of Tenjin Gondola (700m). Widespread wind effect in Alpine. Decent skiing in open areas. Very poor travel conditions below treeline with trees (alder) and open creeks.