Avalanche Bulletin

更新日時: 2023/03/22 07:00

Niseko Yotei Yoichi Shiribeshi

Alpine The forecast has ended for 2022/23 winter.

Treeline The forecast has ended for 2022/23 winter.

Below Treeline The forecast has ended for 2022/23 winter.

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Travel and Terrain Advice

Variable conditions will remain throughout spring. Although we have moved out of the timeframe when the region generally receives the majority of its snowfall as long as there is enough snow coverage, you are in terrain steep enough to slide and we have the right weather conditions avalanches can still occur. Continue to use safe travel techniques and constantly evaluate the snowpack which can change greatly during the day in spring.

Avalanche Problem



As spring continues we expect to see wet slide activity occuring under the right condtions across the region.


The snowpack will continue to lose coverage throughout spring. Expect firm conditions in the morning and a softening during warm sunny clear days. If we receive further snowfall testing should be carried out on the new/old snow interface to check the bond of the new snow to a possibly firm icy previous snow surface. During any rain event, the timing of when the snowpack becomes unstable is hard to predict. It is advised to avoid exposed terrain during periods of rain especially when we see prelonged periods of increased precipitation.


Variable spring weather - please check the Japan Meteorological Agency for the most up-to-date regional forecast.

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